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For six years, from 2003 to 2009, Karl and his co-writer Nancy Levine of Shelburne, Vermont, were on assignment for Vermont Magazine. They traveled all over Vermont, met some 3000 people and wrote some 35 articles with photos on life in small rural towns. They quit the magazine to pursue separate writing projects.

Nancy went off to Vermont College for the Fine Arts in Montpelier for an MFA in creative non-fiction, was awarded her degree in July 2013--and was the graduation speaker. Today, continuing at VCFA, she is working on fiction. Karl turned to short story writing during the summer of 2013 at a VCFA post-grad program. But now, moving forward, in May 2014 Karl attended VCFA's novel-writing program and now is working on a novel set in rural Vermont in the early 1930s.

But they continue in their cooperative, collaborative and advisory relationship. For example, Nancy has written the Foreword to Karl's book, "The People of Townshend, Vermont" and initiated and oversaw the book's publication.

Here are Nancy with her horse Aly, and Karl still pretending to be busy writing.