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I am a photographer and writer.

I was a newspaper editor for 5 years and a high school English teacher in Westport, Connecticut for 43. When I was 14, my parents gave me a Brownie 620 and within a year I was using my father's now classic Zeiss Super Ikonta B. I studied at Maine Photographic Workshops and did independent study in Photography as Fine Art, funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities. I had a writing residency at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson. I belong to the American Society of Media Photographers.

I work in 35mm and medium format, black and white and color, with transparency, print film and digital.

A photograph is a timeless image of a single moment from the past, but as we stop to look at that photograph, memory recedes and time inexorably moves forward. As a photographer, my job is to extract that single moment with care, understanding and often with compassion.

–Karl Decker, Notes on the People of Townshend

photo by Nancy Levine